Coronovirus Update

As concerns increase this week surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), Watershed is committed to doing whatever we can to provide a safe environment for you, your family, and our broader communities. 

While God has not given us a spirit of fear, He has called us to love our neighbors and to contribute to the welfare of our community. An abundance of caution is not merely wise, but is a tangible way of expressing love toward others! 

In light of this, and the recommendations of our governing officials, our Watershed Church leadership team has made the following decisions:



For THIS SUNDAY, we will not meet in person.  We are providing you with the resources necessary for you to hold a Discovery Group and worship time in your OWN HOME with your family, friends, and/or neighbors.  You can find the Discovery Group Outline here.  In addition to the Discovery Group, here is a link for Watershed Church's worship playlist on Spotify.  There are many songs here for you to choose from.  Feel free to listen and even sing these some of these songs together during your family time. 

Beginning, Sunday, March, 22, 2020 we will have our services online.  You will be able to find these online services here.

For the foreseeable future, we will move our weekend gatherings online. Thank God for technology! 

We encourage you to use this opportunity to get together with your family around your screens at home. 

As a reminder, Watershed’s ministry continues during this time. Please take advantage of online giving through as well - or you may send your offering to 6024 Ridge Ave. 116-355 Philadelphia, PA 19128

While we do not know what will happen as this situation changes, we do know that we can, and must, pray. As we look to the days and weeks ahead, would you join us in prayer?

  • Ask God, in his mercy, to stem the tide of this growing pandemic, not only in our communities, but in cities around the world. (Isaiah 59:1-2)
  • Pray that those who are called to address this crisis (particularly medical professionals and those in positions of governmental authority) would be equipped to handle new cases with wisdom and compassion. (Romans 13:1-4)
  • Pray that local churches would lead the way in exhibiting a spirit of trust in God and love for others. (Psalm 90:12)
  • Pray for God to protect our missionaries and their families around the world, that they would continue to offer the hope of the gospel to those around them. (Mark 16:15)

May God be glorified! Our hope, peace, and rest are in Him.